Monday, July 19, 2010

Fortunately, Unfortunately...

Unfortunately-- my laptop case was stolen last week.

FORTUNATELY-- my laptop wasn't in it.

UNFORTUNATELY-- my wallet/coinpurse was.

FORTUNATELY-- my wallet and coinpurse were completely empty of money, so I just need to replace my driver's license, debit card, and car insurance card.

UNFORTUNATELY-- my digital camera was also in the case, so there will be no new photographs to illustrate this blog for a while.

FORTUNATELY-- I'd already downloaded nearly everything on the camera, so I didn't lose anything genuinely irreplaceable.

UNFORTUNATELY-- The laptop case was also full of loan paperwork for our farm refinancing, which has been in process since September 2009.

FORTUNATELY-- the loan officer has copies of everything in that two-inch-thick file of papers he's accumulated on us...and, IF (BIG IF) the appraisal goes well, we just might finally Own The Farm...

UNFORTUNATELY-- we still have the appraisal to get through. Yikes. Anybody up for a little carpentry or yardwork?

FORTUNATELY-- we are hard-working people with friends far and near. Whichever sort you are--or even if you're simply a reader we do not yet know as a friend, we humbly invite your good thoughts and prayers for a decent appraisal and the approval of our loan.

Moran Taing / Many Thanks!
We'll keep you posted...


Mama Pea said...

Oh, fer criminy sakes! Dang that makes me mad.

If we were only closer, we'd drop everything, come over, attack the carpentry jobs and yard work. I'd bring a boatload of food to sustain all of us. If only.

You have our thoughts, prayers and very best of wishes for A fantastic appraisal and easy (from now on!) acquisition of your farm loan. With all of us out here in blogland added to your friends and supporters nearby, IT WILL HAPPEN.

jen said...

Certainly I'm sending good, heart-felt thoughts your way for a decent appraisal. Hoping whatever is best comes about.