Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pay It Forward!

Over a year ago, MamaPea hooked me in to the fun. Now it's my turn.


Despair comes all too easy--grim and goth and oh-so-hip--
Cynicism is the fashion of the day.
Pollyannas make folks queasy: "Darken up, Girl! Get a grip!"
But I declare: I'm going out to play.

Hope is harder. How it stretches the weak muscles of the mind.
How we ache with angst as spirits reach and grow!
How we wonder, wander, bend as our fashioned fears unwind,
Giving grace the shape of all the seeds we sow.

Now's the season for beginnings. Life's returning with the sun.
Time to laugh in fear's false face; be a creator!
To receive a handmade gift, post a comment! Join the fun!
The first three will win, and Pay It Forward later!


Mama Pea said...

No-no, don't count me in but I just had to comment. What imagination to set your wee creatures up with radish balloons! ADORABLE! Girl, you've got creativity falling out of your ears. (I told you a long time ago you've got to get those little ones out there for sale.)

Jo said...

Those dolls are beautiful! As are the radishes. Count me in -- I want to play too!

Susan said...

Between the poetry and the poppetry, I think you have most of the arts covered! What a lovely arrangement of poppets and radishes - count me in!

Southern Belle said...

Whether I'm number three or not, I'm in. The horrors have to stop and the rhetoric has to stop. What a horrible tragedy in Tucson. God bless those suffering and God's blessings on those who died.

MaineCelt said...

Susan and Southern Belle-- You both win...but I have no way to contact you. Please use the "contact us" button on my blog sidebar to give me your names and mailing addresses so that I'll be able to send you your Pay It Forward gifties once I complete them.

(Jo-- You win too, but I have contact info for you. You, too, will receive a giftie once it is completed.)

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

dropped in via rev gals friday five but found this instead ~
still time to play?

Jo said...

Hooray! I've received my gift, she is beautiful. She fits right in with my potted herbs in the southwest window. Come springtime I think I'll have a hard time keeping her inside. Thank you!